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Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and I started raising rabbits as part of a rabbit 4H project when I got my first rabbit in 2008.  My primary breed of focus is Dwarf Hotots.  I love these little rabbits and have been producing some good ones.  After the long process of finding my foundation stock, finally showing my own babies became quite eventful.  Please visit my show news page to see how my time with rabbits has gone.  

June 2020...I am currently working on updating my site.  Since Dec of 2012, I have been adjusting to a life type 1 Diabetes and Narcolepsy, but the bunnies are doing well.  I have taken a break from showing to focus on school.  If you are looking for rabbits, please email me directly at, or message me on Facebook at Creekstone Rabbitry  

I have also worked with a small herd of Himalayans, with focus on the lilac variety, and Havanas, with focus on chocolates and broken chocolates, Blanc de Hotots, and a few Tans.  Additionally, I spent some time with other breeds along the way to learn about them.  These include Standard Chinchillas, Polish, Netherland Dwarf, Silver Fox, Palomino, American Fuzzy Lops, and New Zealandand an English Angora.  I am enjoying the variety of looks and personalities of the different breeds.  My goal is to learn more about the different rabbit breeds and to produce some quality rabbits along the way.  I will try to post information throughout my pages for those of you that are curious to read more about rabbits and my breeds.  I will also be adding pages with general rabbit information.  I hope this helps those of you that are new to rabbits and looking for a place to start. 

I hope to have rabbits  available for sale from time to time to help others get started with these wonderful breeds, so watch my Nestbox for babies and my For Sale page for availability.  If you want to learn more about the different breeds of rabbits, visit ARBA's Breed Page.  It is a good place to start too. 

Sign my Guestbook to introduce yourself, ask questions or want to join membership...or just to say Hi and let me know you stopped by.  If you are looking for rabbits and wish to contact me directly for availability or to be placed on the wait list for any of the breeds, you can e-mail me at with what you are looking for.  I look forward  to hearing from you.

How it all began..............................................


I purchased my first rabbit, a Dwarf Hotot buck I named Hutch, from Bob Bergene at the Kansas State Fair in 2008.  I was hooked!!!!!!!!!!



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