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Home of Dwarf Hotot, Havana, and Blanc de Hotot rabbits

Dwarf Hotots

It took 2 years and a lot of patience to finally find stock for this wonderful breed.  I thank Jean Gregg of Electrorabbitry in Nebraska for all the help.  She has given me wonderful guidance in finding stock and breeding, and in 2010 I finally had some exciting babies of my own.   Now 2012, I am succesfully showing 2nd and 3rd generations.

Foundation stock of this unique breed was acquired from the rabbitries of Jean Gregg, John Mingus, Tonna Thomas, Bob Bergene, and Sonja Papakee.

Dwarf Hotots are a challenging breed to work with and rare to find.  Since they originated from a cross between the Dutch rabbit and the Netherland Dwarf rabbit, you frequently get colored spots in the wrong places, the mottled dutch marked, and blue spots in the eyes, as well as the problems the dwarf gene brings into the equation with lethal peanuts in your litters.  Although mismarked animals can still make excellent brood stock, only the rabbits with the correct markings being the eyebands can be shown. 

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Sr. Bucks

Mingus' Gambler                                   Grand Champion

23 legs -21 BOB, 12 BOS, (Best Sr. Buck at state convention), 2X 2nd Runner Up in Show

2nd place Youth Sr Buck 2010 ADHRC Spring Show

3rd place Youth Sr Buck 2011 ARBA Convention

Thank you Tonna for sharing such a wonderful little man.

Mingus' Keno                                                

Herd buck

Creekstone's Toby   (Panda and BC's Johnny Cash)  


Grand Champion

6 legs -2 BOB, 5 BOS       

The first buck of my own breeding to turn senior.        


Creekstone's Romeo   (Willow and Gambler)

Grand Champion        

9 legs-8 BOB, 3 BOS

6th place Youth Sr Buck 2011 ARBA Convention

Creekstone's Niko (Panda X Gambler)

Grand Champion        

3 legs   2 BOS


Creekstone's Frankie  (Flicker X Keno)                                       

Grand Champion    

4 legs, 3 BOB


Bergene's Oliver                                                      Black Band (blue carrier)

registered and soon to be granded

4 legs, 3 BOB, 1 BOS

Ian                                                                                        Chocolate Band

Grand Champion 

4 legs, 2 BOB, 1 BOS              


Grand Champion

3 legs, 1 BOB, 1 BOS

Creekstone's Jax  (Bella X Alex)               


Grand Champion

4 legs, 2 BOB, 1/12

Creekstone's Luke   (Taffy X Theo)

registered & pending Grand Champion

3 legs-1 BOB, 1/10, 1/12 

Creekstone's Teddy Bear  (Ginger X Romeo)


  2 legs - 1 BOS, 1/10

Sr. Does

Creekstone's Ava (Taffy X Gambler)    


Grand Champion  

13 legs  8 BOB, 8 BOS

The first doe of my own breeding to turn senior.


Creekstone's Juliette  (Willow X Gambler)

Grand Champion 

5 legs  2 BOB, 3 BOS

Creekstone's Lilly  (Willow X Gambler)   

Grand Champion 

5 legs,  1 BOB, 2 BOS


Creekstone's Tasha   (Panda X Gambler)

Grand Champion

 legs,  5 BOB, 5 BOS

  Creekstone's Zoey   (Muffin X Gambler)       

Grand Champion 

8 legs,  7 BOB, 3 BOS   


Creekstone's Katiana (Taffy X Gambler)                              

Grand Champion

3 legs  1 BOB


Creekstone's Widget (Angel X Romeo)


Grand Champion

5 legs  1 BOB, 5 BOS 

3rd place Youth Jr Doe 2011 ARBA Convention

My Juniors  

I watch my juniors grow over the months.  Their changes in development are interesting to see. I will not need all these rabbits for my breeding program, but I will grow them for at least 3 1/2 to 4 months before I decide who I am keeping.

Jr. Bucks

coming soon

Jr. Does

coming soon

My Brood Does

Finding stock was very difficult due to this breed being so rare.  It took patience and time, but one at a time, I found good does to start with.  Most of them went straight into my breeding program.  I am now adding does from my first year of breeding into the brood band and am excited to see how the second generation crosses go. 

   Creekstone's Sara           Creekstone's Felecia      Creekstone's June

     (MiMi X Gambler)

   2 legs 1 BOB, 1BOS   
        (Flicker X Keno)  

  (Panda X Johnny Cash)       2 legs 1 BOS, 1/10


           Mingus' Angel                  Bergene's Taffy          Electrorabbitry's Phoebe

          Grand Champion   3 legs                         2 BOS                                     registered

    Creekstone's  Rose              Creekstone's Bella         

   (Panda X Johnny Cash)

        (Breezy X Gambler)         
         1 leg 1 BOS                                2 legs  Best Junior(Nationals) 

Reference Animals

These animals are retired from breeding or have either moved on to new homes or God's hands.  I leave them on my page to show you the animals that have contributed to the history of my breeding program.

  Thunder Hill's Panda                  T's Breezy          Electrorabbitry's Flicker 

   deceased  Nov. 2, 2010                           1 leg-retiried                                        retired

       Bellmaker's Muffin             Electrorabbitry's MiMi         Creekstone's Cupid 

                      retired                       sold

    (Flicker X Gambler)   
  Grand Champion   3 legs    sold  

                                                   Thunder Hill's Willow        Creekstone's Ginger  

           deceased April 14, 2012     

         (Muffin X Gambler)                deceased April 22, 2012