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Send any questions, what you are looking for, availability, current pics, or a request to be added to the wait list for upcoming babies. Please put the breed that you are looking for in the subject of the e-mail.  Please read my Sales Policy here.

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                                    DWARF HOTOTS

Babies are sold to the people on the wait list first, so I don't usually post   young rabbits for sale here.

        Prices for rabbits will start at $25 and go up depending age, quality,       and show record.

Retired or unshowable rabbits are available from time to time.

Brood rabbits start at $50 (depending on quality and show record)

Correctly marked rabbits start at $75

                                          HAVANAS (none right now)

My chocolate program has recently expanded, the does are producing well, so it is time to move some rabbits on to others. 

        Prices for rabbits will start at $20 and go up depending age, quality, and show record. 

  I am selling some of these kits due to space limitations. 

If you are interested in chocolate or broken chocolate Havanas,  please let me know. 

I can refer you to other good breeders for blacks or blues


                                       HIMALAYANS (none right now)

Since my primary focus is lilacs, and I am using lilac and some chocolate stock for breeding, I only have chocolates or lilacs available.  Since I am working with a small herd, I am only keeping a few  animals for my breeding program.  Most of my breeding rabbits are Grand Champions

         Prices for rabbits will start at $25 and go up depending on     age, quality, and show record.

I can refer you to other good breeders for blacks or blues.

                                   BLANC de HOTOTS (none right now)

I have built a nice herd of Hotots and may have kits available later this summer and fall.  What isn't kept for breeding or showing will be available for sale until 14 weeks of age.  Grow out rabbits will be sold at 8 weeks of age.

 Show or breeding rabbits will start at $50 and go up depending on age, quality, and show record.  

Rabbits to grow out will be priced by the pound.

                                              TANS (none right now)

      Tans come in  black, blue, chocolate, and lilac. I have rabbits           producing all 4 colors and have available rabbits from time to time.             Bloodlines include many red, white, and blue registered rabbits                and Grand Champions.  Some will be eligible themselves as well as     earning a possible Gold star .

                 Prices for rabbits will start at $25 and go up depending on                age, quality, and show record.

I do believe in promoting youth and expanding interest in rabbits, so I will do what I can to help people find stock to get started. I am willing to transport other breeds of rabbits to or from any show I go to for a small fee. Ask if you are looking for something special...I will try to help you find it.